Monday, November 24, 2014

Outpost Status Requirements from LJS!!

To: 1422
Proposed ECV Prospect Group

Lucinda Jane Saunders Chapter #1881
PO Box 544
Elko, Nevada 89801

Outpost Status Requirements

Dated: November 18, 2014 (C.Y. 6019)

It has come to the attention of the Officers and Board of Directors of the Lucinda Jane Saunders Chapter of E Clampus Vitus that, a faction of members in Good Standing, wish to pursue the creation of a new chapter of ECV. Furthermore, it is expressed that said group intends to ask for territories bordering the Western edge of the State of Nevada, currently claimed by Julia C. Bulette, Chapter 1864. It is the intention of the Board of Directors of LJS to assist you, 1422, in your endeavors and sponsor you to chapter-hood by walking with you to the guiding light.

First let me commend you on your enthusiasm and dedication toward this great organization. Before we go to far, there are a few basic steps which are mandatory that you fulfill in a timely manner. There will be required paperwork throughout this entire process. It is imperative that accurate records and reports are generated and preserved as well as, remain accessible to all governing bodies with this process.


First and Foremost, the LJS Sponsoring Chapter needs to have a "Letter of Intent" delivered to the sponsoring chapter as soon as possible. Upon our receipt, this will be recorded and filed. You need to methodically articulate what type of a proposed group you intend to create as well as the boundaries of territory that you intend to ask/negotiate for. You must also submit a business plan outlining your means of managing and funding your group and territory.

Second, compose and deliver, in writing, the representatives of your operation (officers and board members). This includes the names of persons and what position they hold whether elected, appointed, or volunteering. Along with this, it is imperative that mailing and phone contact information be included as well as the individuals' home chapters. Accurate records must be kept, filed, and accessible in the event that gatherings occur.

Third, a source to receive reliable mail service. A Post Office Box is the best suggestion and it is undesirable and NOT recommended to use the personal PO Box of any single individual.

The above requirements are mandatory and are non-negotiable. It is highly recommended that you fulfill these requirements within 30 days of the receipt of this letter. This will go quite a long way in showing sincerity and bolstering the integrity of your desires to branch out. As a reminder; for you to conduct any business under the persona of ECV other than that approved by LJS #1881, BEFORE the requirements have been fulfilled is strickly forbidden and against rules set forth by the Grand Council of E Clampus Vitus Inc. as well as the LJS Chapter Bi-laws.

From the entire Board of Directors of Lucinda Jane Saunders Chapter #1881, we wish you good luck and the greatest success with your desires. We thank you for all of your cooperation and professionalism. We are here to assist you in any way we can and look forward to working with you. Together, we will bring the venture to life.

Sonny Marshall
X-Sublime Noble Grand Humbug
Lucinda Jane Saunders Chapter #1881
E Clampus Vitus

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