Sunday, May 22, 2016

Grand Council 6021

Grand Council news:

First off, Thank you everyone for your support in our efforts in becoming a Outpost and the support in leading us in the right direction.

We had a meeting with Sonny on friday night in Sonora about what could have possibly happened this weekend. GC was thinking about taking away our Outpost status because of the territory dispute and not having done anything of historical significance plaqued. This was brought up to GC via Sonny about plaquing. Since we do not have any territory what were we to plaque?

ECV is mainly about preserving history, not community services. ECV is in the business of history preservation only. Community outreach is secondary to this.

The results of GC:

We are staying the same (we still have outpost status), we have Pershing county (I just got a huge history lesson from the Samuel Clemens gents about that county), and we are invited back next year.

We will still have our regularly scheduled meetings. Please save your questions for then or call one of us if you want to get more information.


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Unknown said...

So we have Pershing county and we are named jlr? Are we still not supposed to have the meetings in washoe county?