Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Moonlite Bunny Ranch 4-Way

Are you ready for a 4 way Do-ins at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch?

Are you ready to bring those PBCs/Retreads via the Moonlight in which a certain Hewgag Bray's?

Are you ready to stay up watching this Moonlight while PBCs and Retreads use this Moonlight at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch for a MIDNIGHT DO-INS?

SST/LJS/JLR/SLC invite you to a midnight Do-ins at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch outside of Carson City Nevada.

Prepay: $45 for Redshirt, $50 on-site

Prepay: $65 for PBCs/Retreads, $70 on-site


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Frontier Days 2017

This was an awesome time with the community of Pershing county! We were #1 in the parade right after the Grand Marshall.

US Senator Dean Heller, SST 1991 was behind us.

Q-Tip shaking hands with Mayor Michael R. Giles

Cupcake posing in miner swag

Bad Eye Bob getting ready for the parade walk

Sherri and Red in the parade

The parade walk

Chrissy arrested and in jail

Jailed Clampers, go figure

Q-Tip Jailed

Cupcake and Red won 1st place in parade