Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Clampers For The Extermination Of The Cold Extremities

Our Clampers for the Extermination of Cold Extremities drive runs now to Dec 1st. We have been sponsored by 2 local companies: Kromer Inv., and Alliance Management, who have allowed us to set up drops at 18 locations.
Please swing by and drop something off or just bring anything to a meeting or just hand out yourselves!
Its cold already, if we can prevent our community from going cold we should ... 1422 style..

*Special thanks to you brothers for making it happen, you truly are inglorious:
Cole Ecv Baker, Clinton Ecv Metternich, Russel Young, Patrick Allen, David Winward, Erik Dees, Tony Ecv Uren, Chad Mcskimming, Chris Adam Neeley, and Justin Smith.
AND Lance Johnson

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